Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Ways We Learn from Our BrightFish Schools

Learning is hard work - and it requires a certain amount of fearlessness to face what you don’t know. Students who struggle with reading take a leap of faith that they can overcome their barriers to improve. As developers of online reading software, we have the unique privilege of seeing how our students and teachers embrace BrightFish Reading as part of this process. 

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are just a few of the reasons we absolutely love our BrightFish schools:

1. Students take ownership: Students get very invested in earning full points in the vocabulary and comprehension activities. When we get asked to double-check answers and confirm how many attempts students made before getting it right, we know that kids are really engaged!

2. They work overtime: We often see students logging in on Friday afternoons and over the weekend, working diligently on their BrightFish stories. It probably helps that they can track the class scoreboard to see if they are moving up in the rankings!

Students can see the points ranking in their backpack - and track their position.

3. Our inbox is full: We periodically ask students for their opinions on what would make BrightFish better - and we get some fantastic responses. Students submit ideas for additional questions and activities, giving us great ideas for product development. (Recently, we had one entrepreneurial 4th grader asking to work at the “BrightFish Company.”)

4. They make it their own: Every week, teachers tell us how they are integrating BrightFish into their classroom in new ways. They generously send us the tools and worksheets they’ve created to increase time on task, improve focus and extend the work students are doing in the program.

5. We get inspired: Teachers often share photos and samples of what they are doing to keep students motivated and celebrating each milestone. Their goal is to keep the reading experience positive and rewarding, whether it’s creating custom game cards for class prizes, celebration walls with certificates for completed stories, or posters with the leaderboard for the week.

6. They get results: BrightFish students are making make great strides in their reading – and we get to watch it happen! There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing someone improve from 20% in vocabulary on their first story to 75% just five stories later. Students who used to avoid reading tell us about their love of learning new words, finishing stories and taking time to get the right answers.

7. Gratitude is awesome: It’s truly special to hear a heartfelt “thank you” and “you’re amazing” from teachers, especially when we’ve done something very minor, such as resetting a password or helping them create their class lists. The BrightFish live chat is an especially fun way to connect with teachers and make sure they have what they need. Playing a small part in student learning is a pretty wonderful way to spend the day!